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Chilling Provocations Of Paranormal Piques: My Interview With Actress Kati Salowsky

kati salowskyKati Salowsky is – well – a hottie! With the charm of a truly grounded young woman and the features of a focused young Heather Locklear, with a bit of Indie scream queen Jessica Cameron thrown in, this budding actress is well on her way to solidifying a strong career. Kati has put in a fierce amount of time building a pretty buff resume. From print to television she seems to be well on her way to reaching her goals and dreams of acting. Kati told me in our recent interview that she can vividly remember being 3 years old and standing in front of her family-belting out the Disney standards. She has a theatre foothold so I am guessing she has the chops to cohere those “little princess” classics. Acting has always been the brightest star shining in this Massachusetts native's horizon. I venture to say that “Provoked” will prove that desire. “Provoked” isn’t the first horror trip that Kati Salowsky has taken, the actress also stars in the film "Gleam" with Sean Carmichael as well as "House Across The Street" with Eric Roberts and Ethan Embry. Not to mention the dark thriller “Mary Loss Of Soul” which is in post-production as well.

In Jordan Pacheco’s “Provoked”, also in post-production, Kati Salowsky plays paranormal investigator-Alexis- an assured, contemplative person whose determination is apropos to her friends-and the people she helps-well being. The film is a very intense paranormal thriller structured on a script that all involved contend to be a very chilling story. In my interview with Kati Salowsky we discuss her character in “Provoked”, her interest in the paranormal among other things. I have to say this Boston girl is a very interesting actress with a promising future-and oh as I said before – for all horror ghouls out there-she is a hottie.

ASouthernLife: In "Provoked" you play Alexis one of the paranormal investigators who takes it very serious, can you tell me a little more about the character and her relationship to the other investigators on the team?
Kati Salowsky: Alexis is focused primarily on the job at hand. Unfortunately, she is constantly distracted by her ex boyfriend who also happens to be on the paranormal team. This makes investigating a bit more difficult for her. She is, however, compassionate and cares strongly for the families that are affected by spirits and also for the rest of her coworkers always looking out for them.

ASouthernLife:  What did you most relate to about the character and how did you prepare for the role?
Kati Salowsky: I absolutely LOVE paranormal television shows. I watch almost every single show that's currently on TV--I find it fascinating! It wasn't hard for me to prepare for the role because it's (in reality) a position I've always wanted to be in!

ASouthernLife: How has it been learning all the techniques used for ghost hunting while filming?
Kati Salowsky: I knew what the equipment was that we were working with and also its purpose...but it was my first time really using it. It was cool to finally be investigating!

ASouthernLife:  How does it feel filming in the Lizzie Borden house and have you had any "experiences" on set or while hanging out in the house?
Kati Salowsky: Ugh. The Borden house creeped me the eff out. As soon as I walked in I had a weird feeling about it. The house just felt eerie. Our stunt coordinator, Anthony, wanted to give me a tour of the place--and I reluctantly agreed. After about 60 seconds of starting the tour I ran back downstairs because it was too scary for me!! I may love paranormal shows...but I'm such a wimp!!

ASouthernLife: In the story the team uses "questionable" methods to draw out the spirits in order to get evidence. How does your character feel about this decision?

Kati Salowsky: She hates it. Haha. She knows that provoking spirits is a bad sign. You'll see how she immediately realizes the danger in the film by her reactions to such methods.

ASouthernLife: Are there any scenes in the movie that your character is in that make you nervous? Every cast member says that the script is really scary.
Kati Salowsky: The script IS scary! They're right about that! There is a scene in particular that Alexis is in which gives me chills...but you'll have to see it to know what I'm talking about!

kati salowsky 2
ASouthernLife: This isn't your first time doing horror you have two others in different stages of production. Where you a big horror fan growing up and who is your favorite Scream Queen?

Kati Salowsky: Yes, I have done some horror films prior to working on Provoked. But honestly, horror films really do scare me! They are fun to play, but when I watch them I'm always the girl hiding behind her hands peeking through her fingers! Like I said before...giant wimp!! So I can't say I have any favorites--I was always to scared to figure it out!

ASouthernLife: What is your hometown and where do you call home now?
Kati Salowsky: I grew up in Chelmsford, Ma, but now I call Boston my home. No matter where I end up...I'll always be a Boston girl at heart :)

ASouthernLife:  Growing up did you know of a lot of haunted places in your town, if so did you ever explore them?
Kati Salowsky: There was one street "Dudley Road" in Billerica. The story was that there was a nunnery that had some rouge-nuns-turn-witch. The nuns were supposedly hung for their evil behavior. It is said that when you drive down Dudley Road weird things will happen. Example: If you stop the car under a certain tree it will have difficulty starting up again...and lights to one particular house will turn on and off. Odd things. My friends and I would drive down to see if anything would ever happen, but (being the wimp I am) never stuck around long enough to find out!

ASouthernLife: What is the scariest ghost story that you have ever heard?
Kati Salowsky: Possessions are the scariest BY FAR. Lorraine Warren (Demonologist) came to give a lecture at my college during Halloween once. She showed us pictures and told us stories of things she had seen during her investigations. The scariest stories were always of demons and their possessions. Ugh. Chills just thinking about it.

ASouthernLife: Who in the cast do you think would be the most scared by an encounter with a ghost?
Kati Salowsky: SEAN CARMICHAEL. Sorry, ya, but.....its true--besides me of course...;)

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