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Dealing In Death And Anime: My Interview With Director Vishal Rajput

berserk death dealer[3]The Berserk Death Dealer” is a fused genre blending story bringing anime vision into live action territory, written and directed by Vishal Rajput. “The Berserk Death Dealer” is the first film for Rajput’s production company Planet Boom Boom and is original story concept with near groundbreaking visual design. I had the chance to interview Vishal about the Berserk Death Dealer and his vision of live-action melded with anime.

The Berserk Death Dealer is the bad-ass assassin Young Alejandro, of the Demon Clan. He can smoke a joint in one puff, drain a bottle in one gulp, and talk trash better than anyone. And when he gets going, his blades sing, his fists fly, and his enemies' heads explode. His demonic master, Basilisk, has plans for Alejandro -- but everything changes when Alejandro discovers his humanity and spares the life of a young mother. Now Basilisk is out to destroy Alejandro, with the help of a new protégé -- Amon, a ruthless assassin formed from the souls of 1,000 serial killers.

ASouthernLife: When did you first come up with the idea for "The Berserk Death Dealer"?
Vishal Rajput: The Idea for The Berzerk Death Dealer came to me after Interning under the production company, Smooth Sound Multimedia. I learned how to direct movies under the owner, Jerry Jackson. I always had a crazy imagination to do wild movies coming straight from head, simple plot and make it very effective! My main inspiration for this movie was the Gothic/action game, Devil May Cry!

ASouthernLife: Was the film always meant to be a fusion between anime and live-action?
Vishal Rajput: Yes! With cool and ultra cool characters, it had live anime style written all over it.

ASouthernLife: This is your debut feature film, what made you choose "The Berserk Death Dealer" and does it showcase your vision for Planet Boom Boom's future?
Vishal Pajput: I really wanted to do a stand out type of film that captures the heart of many who are looking for something different to watch. Something that is fresh and innovative for low budget films that can be done with high quality. Does this show case my company future, Yes and a No! All my films will be different from one another and will top the last film. Every fan will have his or her favorite for sure.

ASouthernLife: Has the film shown at festivals thus far, and How has the fans responses been toward the film at the festivals that have shown "The Berserk Death Dealer"?
Vishal Rajput: We have not yet entered the film just yet. It's still in post-production and it's almost coming to an end. Thank the rock and rolling heavens.

berserk death dealer 1[3]ASouthernLife: When can we expect the film's release?
Vishal Rajput: Distribution will def take place earliest next year. This year is to finish the film up and show it in many mouth watering horror film festivals to gain the film its popularity that it deserves.

ASouthernLife: At what age did you first realize that you wanted to make movies?
Vishal Rajput: I wanted to make movies at the age of seven. After watching Jackie Chan movies and martial art movies in general. That's the genre I started with because I always loved fast, fluid, non stop hand to hand action. Old school kung fu movies were definitely the shit! Simply bad ass and when they dubbed it in English it was even better because it was hilarious!

ASouthernLife: What is your favorite anime series creators and is there any creator that deserves more attention that may not be seen as much as -say-Naoko Takeuchi or Hideaki Anno?
Vishal Rajput: Kentaro Miura is my favorite Manga artist. He's the artist and writer of the manga, BERSERK. It seriously is highly berserk. Set up in a medieval setting where berserk things are happening every moment. He's been a big inspiration to me in art and writing in general. One talented guy and I seriously hope I can direct his manga into a live anime movie one day! It's my biggest dream. Kohta Hirano is another great manga artist that has a taste for hyper violence. He's well known for his Hellsing series that is a vampire phenomenon. It's based upon the story of Dracula who goes by the name, Alucard serving his master, Victora Hellsing. Together they are slaying the undead and trying to stop the Nazi World War. It's just damn amazing! I believe every manga artist has his or her day with their anime. Everything in the world for recognition is just fair.

ASouthernLife: What can anime fans expect from "The Berserk Death Dealer" and Planet Boom Boom that may be unexpected?
Vishal Rajput: Anime fans can def expect the hardcore velocity lines when the characters fight the film. The over the top stylish representation of camera angles are all there. Brutal violence that shatters the nerves with eye popping x-ray scenes are included. A total blood bath that just entertains and entertains!

ASouthernLife: Seeing the recent interest in anime blended live action storytelling with projects like "Manborg" and "The Metal Hurlant Chronicles" do you feel more directors and artists will move into the field?
Vishal Rajput: I believe not. I feel those movies just happened to be there. Though they are great, I highly doubt any director in the world has their company just focused on making live anime style like my company does. Anime is always emerging and fans are getting hungry for live anime and I'm here to present it to them.

ASouthernLife:  Who handled the illustrations on "The Berserk Death Dealer"?
Vishal Rajput: My best F'n friend Gerardo Prado(Reno) and I have handled all the illustrations upon my film. Gerardo handles all the photoshop material while I handle all the hand drawings. Gerardo is one talented man and I'm glad that he is a part of my team. He made my company logo for me. When there are two creative forces working together, nothing can stop them from creating art into real life. I hope that make sense, hahah.

ASouthernLife: Who are some of your favorite anime illustrators and who would you love to work with in the future?
Vishal Rajput: Kentaro Miura is my number one. Kohta Hirano, Buronson, Go Nagai, Ayami Kojima, and Kaoru Kurimoto. They my BIG SIX favorite anime illustrators. I'm always wishing them the greatest success in their careers because they deserve ever bit of it. I'd love to work with Kentaro Miura the most and the director Ryuhei Kitamura. His movie, VERSUS is what got me into the splatter/horror/action genre. It was very anime style and ultra bad ass. I watched it over 200 times because that's how killer the movie was to me. Ryuhei Kitamura's directing style played a big part inspiration in my directing style as well. So big ups to him and his career as well! Rock N' Roll!

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