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Monday, April 28, 2014

Trailer Released For “Bat Outta Hell”

bat-outta-hellThe official trailer has been released for  “Bat Outta Hell” previously known as “Nowhere Else”. The film is directed by Danial Donai and inspired by actual events. “Bat Outta Hell” stars Vernon Wells, Rachael Murphy and Marco Dapper.

Four young filmmakers have just returned to the Gold Coast after making their first successful surfing documentary. Two devious film producers fund their next surfing documentary and send them down to shoot at the Great Australian Bite. The excited filmmakers make their journey through the eerie landscapes of the South Australian desert. They take a shortcut from the main road to seek food and shelter in a forgotten dusty town called “Nowhere Else.”

After a night of disturbing events, they make a quick exit from the town. They become lost and their SUV is strangely immobilized, which leaves them stranded in a God forbidden place. They seek shelter for the night in an eerie old abandoned church, which stands out of place in this baron landscape.

What started out as an exciting fun trip for a surfing documentary now turns into a night of unspeakable terror and a fight to survive.

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