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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Happy Beltane

Today is Beltane or May Day which ever name you choose to title this very festive day. It is a glorious time that solidifies the spring in our world and lives. The first flowers are blooming, the rains have given life to the trees in the hills and the grass under our feet. A truly wonderful season indeed.

Today is also the pagan festival to the Lares, familial and communal spirits that watch over us all in our homes and our places of travel. This is a repeating holiday that flows throughout the year at many times of celebration, transition and days of honor. Call it ancestor worship, spirit magic or what you may, the Lares maintain a constant presence in our lives and must be acknowledged and shown affection so that they can protect and watch over our homes, places of worship and roads we travel both in this world and the supernatural one. So have a blessed day and have a safe and wonderful day of celebration.

If anyone wonders why Buddha sets at the altar at all times it is because he and his principles guide all I do in my spiritual dealings, daily affairs and balance. He is the godhead that anchors and balances all that I do. All my other gods and goddesses in my personal exploration of paganism set at his table. For me he is truly the wisest teacher and guide. The rains cancelled out my fire festival celebration last night on Walpurgis but today is looking really nice thus far so my fire will burn sweeter tonight. 
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