Thursday, May 1, 2014

Check Out The Trailer For Student Film “Utburd”

1The story of ‘Utburd’ is based on ancient Scandinavian folklore about the phantasmal incarnations, which can be persuasive or violent, of young children set out in the woods to die. There is this old myth Adrian will portray in his second novel, but he has writer’s bock. He is the childhood friend Kristine and three other friends at a cabin to get away from writing. But out there in the woods he says the legend, and soon is not so sure anymore: the "apparitions" really just an old ghost story?

“Utburd” is Norway’s first feature film by University students from start to finish and is directed by Astrid Thorvaldsen. The film stars Jonas Langset Hustad, Jenny Kaatz, Marte Ingvild Stordahl, Jørgen Hunstad, Asbjørn Røen Halsten. ‘Utburd’ premieres at Kosmorama on May 2, 2014.

Utburd trailer (2014) from Utburd on Vimeo.

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