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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Review Of “All The Devils Aliens”

All-The-Devils-Aliens“All The Devils Aliens” is a bizarre piece of surreal melodrama that brings plenty of chills. The film is directed by Daniel Falicki and the title is listed as on IMDb as “Devils In The Darkness”, a title I like much more than the one being used is distribution. Anyway that isn’t the important part. “All The Devils Aliens” has some pretty impressive avant-styled acting with a cast that includes   David Gries, Lisa Mueller, Joseph Scott Anthony, Shirley Clemens and Joshua Lieske. There is a supporting cast of creatures that accompany these very human afflicted characters that play as much apart of bringing the creepy to this film-so kudos to them. “ATDA” follows Mike Hill, a caregiver who takes a job assisting in the care of reclusive and eccentric retiree Stanton Pinborough. The pisser in this story is that Pinborough has a reason for eccentric character quirks because he nabbed a small infant alien from the crash debris recovered at the infamous Roswell incident. Now plagued by the “familial clan” of the small creature, Stanton Pinborough is reduced to the remnants of a tragic past and insanity.

The story in “All The Devils Aliens” picks up with Pinborough at the latter state, as he is locked away in his quarters, cared for by Mike Hill, along with Robin Bradbury-the senior caregiver after a series of mysterious disappearances and rushes quitting's of various other home health nurses has left her in the position. The anchored dramatics of the story that mostly deal with Mike and Robin interacting to the various things that begin to happen on this particular shift hold some pretty quality suspense and tension in the film. At times the acting does falter toward the unbelievable and forced, but it bounces back just as quickly. There are momentary breaks of sudden moments of action which is meant to scare the viewer while breaking from the dialog-those moments deliver. I found myself jumping at times and keeping a constant chill of anticipation for the next scene. The over all plot and end game of the film does remain elusive for the most part which often made me wonder if I was even watching something worth watching, however holding in there, the film amped up the thrilling nature of dramatics as the film moved along-I was pleasantly surprised at the full nature of this story.

The action/FX aspect of “All The Devils Aliens” were on the cheaper side, but the creativity to pull off those special effects moments works extremely well. The flare for dramatic in the last segment of the film becomes some bizarro, surreal nightmare sequence of craziness which gives us our aliens, the agenda, a flare for theatrics and total entertainment. This film is either the worst thing that a movie goer will see or it will be a great, witty, entertaining film- I had more times that I was totally involved, thrilled, and entertained to consider “All The Devils Aliens” horrible so I have to say that I found it entertaining. Not the greatest by far but far better than I was expecting. Some of the back-story seems a bit flimsy while watching but that flag burns fast after the big finale in the film. “All The Devils Aliens”, in spite of the faltering acting and cheaper effects, is a cool, creative sci-fi horror.
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