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Saturday, November 16, 2013

“48 Hours In Purgatory” Release Details

48-Poster-0348 Hours In Purgatory” demands you face your demons. Okay the site actually states a release date of October 48th (by my horrible math that is sometime in mid November). The film is directed by Jason Armstrong and stars Emily Alatalo, Robin Barker, Stephanie Christiaens, Brianna Crawford. “48 Hours In Purgatory” will be available on DVD/VHS-yes tape fans! VHS! on that release date from the website. Plus the VOD links will be made available with work going into providing buyers of the digital copies the added extra features in their download. First 10 DVD orders get a groovy bonus item.

Brody Hawkins and his crew of bad-ass documentary film-makers set out to conduct a psychological experiment: put people in a room, alone, for forty-eight hours and guide them into a confrontation with the skeletons in their closet. On camera. When tragedy strikes, the tables are turned, and they are forced to face their own demons. As reality becomes subjective, is there any escape from madness.

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