Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Vlog Horror “” Crowd Funding

japserliveA crowd funding campaign for new vlog horror “” has kicked off over at Indiegogo. The film is described as “the next evolution of modern day horror epic”. Stating the truth about modern internet trends of  “sharing on the Internet which is growing at an exponential rate”, millions of interactions occurring every day. People are able to share an experience virtually, with others they have never met. Pretty soon, privacy will be a myth. With the creation of YouTube and live streaming services, people have the opportunity to connect instantly with something halfway across the world. These people have the opportunity to truly become self made celebrities.” “” is looking to take the found-footage genre into new territory by creating an experience that bridges live video blogging -“vlogging” –putting a new spin on the video diary driven horror subgenre.

Jasper, a senior in high school, broadcasts his entire life online using a small camera on his glasses, which connect to his iPhone.  His followers are growing by the minute but Jasper is determined to build an even bigger audience and become a internet star so he allows his followers to vote on his major life decisions.

Jasper and his friends decide to go on one last trip together before graduation so they let Jasper's followers vote on the weekend destination - his followers pick a camping trip at the lake. While at first the requests are fun, they take an abrupt turn when the group is dared to play with a Ouija board. The group is struck with momentary fear as a spirit reveals the terrible history of an abandon asylum just down the road.

That night, the group sleep in shifts; keeping watch for any additional paranormal activity. During which, Jasper and his girlfriend get in a fight and she runs out of the cabin. Jasper stumbles into the abandoned asylum forewarned and in searching for her until he finds Anna's body mangled and unconscious. After recruiting the help of his other friends, a string of paranormal occurrences trap them all inside the building, all except Jasper who goes to find help. In his last attempt to garner help, a police phone operator watches his live stream as Jasper is dragged into the darkness. His viewing audience skyrockets. 

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