Monday, September 30, 2013

First Clip Released For “Ditch Day Massacre”

ditch day massacreThe first clip has been released for horror film “Ditch Day Massacre”. A slasher for the modern era, “Ditch Day Massacre” is directed by indie film maker Joe Hendrick and stars Bill Oberst Jr, Katy Foley, Zach Silverman, Lynn Lowry, Kyle Morris, Samantha Dawn, Pandie Suicide, Garbriel De Santi, Morgan Benoit, Tara Gerard, Brad Potts.

Jenny Bilson is the all American sweetheart. The one mistake she is unaware of making comes back to haunt her in a very violent way, as her past returns for revenge. Described as a full-on intense, suspenseful and bloody a horror picture. This is probably what would have happened if Alfred Hitchcock had directed Ferris Beuller's Day Off and added 100 gallons of blood. Hell I am sold on that statement alone! Check out the first clip below titled “A Cup Of Coffee”.

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