Thursday, February 13, 2014

Digital & DVD Release Announced For Indie Horror “Morris County”

beneath the undergroundFledgling distribution company Beneath The Underground has announced the DVD release of their first feature film, “Morris County”. Beneath The Underground focuses on showcasing filmmakers of the underground horror scene. Starting on March 18th 2014, “Morris County” will be available for digital rental/purchase through Unearthed Films Online DVD Shop. There will be a DVD “Bootleg Edition” release available through the Beneath The Underground Facebook group for group members only with a 2 week window for purchase limited by the amount ordered.

“Morris County” is a horror trilogy that received Honorable Mention: Best Feature 2009 Boston Underground Film Festival and was an official selection at Rio Fan Festival Fantastico do Rio, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest, Arizona Underground Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival. The film stars Darcy Miller, Marc D. Donovan,Christian Davidock, Albie Selznick, Maren Perry, Robert Peters, Peter Ganim, Matthew R. Staley, Alice Cannon, Pamela Stewart, and Erik Frandsen in three thematically connected stories as gruesome as they are tragic and heartfelt. “Morris County” is written and directed by Matthew Garrett.

morris county
In a performance praised by both Fangoria and Rue Morgue, Darcy Miller is Ellie, a damaged teenage girl harboring a terrible secret. Through the course of one traumatic day we learn what led this innocent girl down a path of self-destruction from which there is no return.

In The Family Rubin, an upper middle-class Jewish family struggles to keep up appearances as their seemingly perfect life begins to crack at the seams. Albie Selznick (Ricochet, The Young & The Restless) leads an ensemble cast in this shocking and heartbreaking take on the destruction of the modern American family.

Elderly Iris is laid off in Elmer & Iris, forcing her to join her curmudgeonly husband in early retirement. When Elmer suddenly dies, Iris decides to keep his decaying body around out of fear of living – and dying – alone. Pamela Stewart (Hal Hartley’s Trust and Amateur), Erik Fransden (The Colbert Report), and newcomer Alice Cannon star in this melancholy meditation on loss and the inescapable prison of old age.

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