Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Review Of “Community” 2012

community“Community” follows a young college student forced to go undercover into a poor, crime-ridden residential community, where things are even darker than one’s nightmares could imagine. She enters the Draymen Estates under the guise of photojournalism/documentary requirements however the real reason she is there with a cameraman is for more self serving desperate needs. The place has become a modern urban legend of horrors. Among the sinister stories of unsavory locals and brutal violence, several people have apparently gone missing. But even the police won’t go there. “Community” was directed by Jason Ford and stars Jemma Dallender, Elliott Jordan, Paul McNeilly and Terry Bird.

“Community” is a dark, modern satire of poverty, neglect, and crime infested “planned neighborhoods”. It is also a very intense urban legend that brings a more horrible nightmare to life. Drug Addiction, Cannibalism and homicidal youths. It is a perfect metaphor for how today's culture is being neglected into a state of self consumption by our own vices and evils. The film is an Indie flick that relies mostly on a couple of pretty decent young actors who portray the naïve students who have the misfortune of entering the “community” known as Draymen Estates. They as well as the fucked up creepy cast that make up the residents of the estate –kids most definitely included- create one of the darkest chilling movies that I have seen. I set through most of the film with mouth agape, eyes “bugged out” in sheer horror at the intense plot as it unfolded. The movie held me on edge till the bitter end. This film is a very exciting nightmare that plays on modern, urban emotional and personal connections much like stories about cannibals in the subway do! The gore and violence is tops, the acting is standard grade-A Brit quality acting. This is a great gorefest flick that merits watching by modern grindhouse, blood thirsty horror fans.

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