Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trailer And Poster For Thai Thriller “Distortion”

I will have to wait for the English subtitled version of the trailer before I know what the hell they are saying but the film looks creepy and cool. So here is the trailer for new Thai thriller flick “Distortion”.
"A grisly murder on a hot day in Bangkok sets in motion a psychological horror involving four people haunted by nightmares, repressed memories and the darkest past. Keun is a psychiatrist well-known for criminal profiling. He’s sent to help solve the murder and at the crime scene, he meets Tien, a forensic scientist with a traumatic childhood. During the investigation, Keun meets Kwang, a 19-year-old woman whom he first met 9 years ago. Back then, Keun was sent to treat Kwang after she witnessed her father killed her mother. Kwang confessed that her father, a soldier, had been molesting her. Keun and Kwang go to visit Kwang’s father at the prison. But they’re told that the soldier killed himself years ago out of shame. After that, Keun’s mental health is severely disturbed. He suffers from hallucination and sees a spirit dressed like a soldier. Then the second murder happens. The body was horrifically brutalized the same way as the first. Tien, who was once harassed by nightmare about the death of her mother, brings Keun to see a monk. Keun begins to believe that maybe the ghost of Kwang’s father is after him.
Keun asks Kwang to go under hypnosis, and to his shock, Kwang reveals that as a child she was never molested by her father. Keun goes with Kwang to meet her boyfriend, Key, who’s also Keun’s childhood friend. Key believes that actually, it was Keun who implanted into Kwang’s head the story of her father molesting her. Key recalls that, when he and Keun were 13, the two friends were lured into a forest and raped. The incident left a scar on Keun and that’s why he tried to trick Kwang to believe that she was raped. Keun confesses the truth in a press conference. He’s sued by the relatives of Kwang’s father. On the way to the police station, Keun reveals the identity of the serial killer to Tien. Keun has withheld that information because he wants the third victim to be killed first.
After seeing the police, Key takes Keun to the Boy Scout camp where they were raped as children. It’s revealed that Key is the serial killer who’s taking revenge on the men who raped them. He has kidnapped the last rapist and locked him up. But Keun helps the rapist escape into a forest. Key catches up with them. The rapist reveals that it was only Key who was raped, and it was Keun who helped lure Key to the rapists. Keun then confesses that as a child he was molested by his stepfather and wanted to inflict the same pain to others. Key’s consumed by rage and starts beating Keun violently. But Tien appears and shoots at Key. Keun spends the rest of his life in a mental asylum. He’s become a madman who lives his life in perpetual hallucination, never to emerge into the real world again."

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