Saturday, April 28, 2012

Graffiti Playhouse Plans To Pit The Jersey Shore Against Worse Things Than Guidos

“Zombeach” is the latest project from Graffiti Playhouse, the twisted minds behind “Blood Lodge” and “Terror At Ten Acres”. Now this new movie tells the story of locals hanging back in the off season on the Jersey shore only to have to deal with a new plague of debauchery. One that feeds on more than beer and sex.
The official story is this:
This is our newest project, “Zombeach”. It is a new kind of zombie apocalypse story. With the Jersey Shore giving the area a bad rap we are aiming to bring the focus back to the ‘Horror Capitol’ New Jersey, and not the Guido New Jersey.
The story is set in the off season, where only the locals remain to stick out the winter months next door to the Atlantic Ocean. But what happens when they get new neighbors and they are more violent and hungry for meat than a drunk guido on Independence Day? Guess you’ll have to watch and find out.
There is a funding campaign going on for this project.


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