Friday, August 31, 2018

My Review Of "The Dawnseeker"

"The Dawnseeker" is directed by Justin Price.  It stars Franziska Schissler, Alexander Kane, Jason Skeen and Khu, The story is a sci-fi horror actioner which pits five mercenaries against a dangerous alien creature.

2245, the Earth's sun has dwindled and no longer provides the energy needed to sustain human life. Five hired mercenaries travel to an uncharted planet to collect a rare mineral known as stardust to replenish the dying star. After their spaceship crashes on the alien planet, they are stalked and hunted by a creature far more advanced than anything they have ever encountered before.  

"The Dawnseeker" is a Sci thriller set in a dystopian future with Earth'so future hanging in the balance. The story has humanity searching for one last chance to save the sun and Earth's existence, seeking a material in the cosmos that can restore the dying sun. It consists of galactic quests, alien confrontation, and man's inevitable extinction. 

Justin Price's epic tale is a broad, ambitious one, with an apocalypse in progress, a journey to the stars, and a battle against an alien adverser. All while searching for a rare mineral that can bring life back to the sun. It is enough to any RPG gamer or programmer giddy. And for a B movie experience, "The Dawnseeker" tries it's best to make sci-fi fans just as giddy.

Unfortunately the ambition far exceeds the execution here. Whether overzealous excitement during production, or budget restraints, the movie never really reaches its capabilities. The acting is choppy and character direction, at times, seems nonsensical. The story is simpleasy and moves from point A to point B easily enough, but at times thefilm seems confusing and broken, when simplicity seems possible. It could be that the characters aren't developed as well as needed for the cast to sell the story, or it could just be me.

The special effects are well thought out, well done for the most part. There are flaws sprinkled throughout the CGI sci-fi stuff, and creature effects on the alien comes off as costumey. Still the thing looked original and the overall action sequences come together nicely. I have seen worse and "The Dawnseeker" is one of the better B movie attempts- in a world that embraced Sharkado mind you. Overall there is some quality moments here, and an exciting futuristic saga happening. (2.5/5)

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