Friday, August 31, 2018

First Look At Puppet Killer "Handy Dandy"

Check out these first look images at horror legends Bill Oberst Jr. and Bill Moseley in puppet killer movie "Handy Dandy". The film is directed by Jeff Broadstreet and costars Jake Red, Cody Cameron, Arthur Marroquin, Danni Spring, Kyle Anderson and Katelynn Newberry. 

The story follws a shuttered TV studio haunted by a 200-year-old dark magician known as Mr. Jolly (Oberst). Once the star of a 1960’s children’s show, Mr. Jolly has a long history of stealing living hearts from kids and adults alike in order to keep his evil puppet family alive. Tonight, as five unsuspecting intruders stumble into the puppets’ bloody lair, one brave man (Moseley) has come to face his past in the form of Mr. Jolly and stop the magician from taking any more innocent life.

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