Monday, February 23, 2015

DVD Release Details For “Teeth & Blood”

TABThe release date has been announced for Robert L. Johnson oppidan vampire flick “Teeth & Blood”. The film stars Glenn Plummer, Danielle Vega, King Kedar  and Michelle Van Der Water. “Teeth & Blood” will hit DVD and VOD on March 10th, 2015.

One of Hollywood's diva actresses, Elizabeth Thornrich, is murdered on the set of a famous film director Vincent Augustine's latest film, "Chapel Blood" and the body has disappeared. At the same time, the City's blood supply is mysteriously being depleted. Unbeknownst to all, the blood is being devoured by vampires so they won't have to bite humans and a storm is brewing between rival covens. Detective Mike Hung and Sasha Colfax must go undercover on the film's set to crack the toughest mysteries of their lives... in a vampire-infested studio.

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