Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Worth Reading: Red To Black By Romane Simon

RedToBlack CoverCurrently out now is Filmmaker/Author Romane Simon’s vampire romance, thriller Red To Black. The novel has plenty of positive reviews since its December 2014 release, and tells the story of an old family of vampires, Xavier Gains, Daniella Gains and Barry Styles. The story revolves around these characters and the humans they are attracted to while living in Los Angeles. Xavier falls in love with Marisa Childs and kidnaps her away from her husband and brainwashing her to join the fold. Through out all of this, Marisa would not allow Xavier to kill her husband, Douglas Childs, as he is doing his best to bring his wife back from the clutches of this vampire fold. This story explores the depth of this magical world and how with the power of love, you will do anything for the one you love. Even shedding your own blood in the darkness.

RSRed To Black’s author, the Haitian born, award winning, Romane Simon is best known for his film and television work in Hollywood with such films as "FASOUN NOU/OUR WAY", "Vengeance", "Tragedy of a Mother and Son" and "The Night Seekers". Simon plans a feature film adaptation of Red To Black for this year. Growing up in Haiti, Romane was raised around seeing the dark side of the world such as voodoo and the paranormal. Romane witness many ceremonies and other ungodly dark magic rituals. These experiences is were Romane pulls his creative stories within his books and his films.

RS with DTJust some of what fans are saying about Red To Black:

“Very cool vampire story... Totally draws you in...”-Michael R. Trapp

“Very fast-paced and action packed story about love, sex, death and life. A different kind of vampire novel.”- Katharina Livia Harer

“…illuminates the dark side of obsessionand examines what it really means to love someone…”- Emlee Vassilos

Red To Black is available at both in paperback and kindle edition.

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