Friday, July 11, 2014

Trailer Released For Maude Michaud’s “Dys”

dys“How well do you handle stress…?”

Check out the trailer for Maude Michaud’s horror film “Dys”. The film stars Shannon Lark, Alex Goldrich, Dega Lazare, Luc Bernier, with special appearance by Lynn Lowry. This Michaud’s debut feature and will premiere on August 1st at Fantasia Film Festival.

A strange disease is plaguing the city; classes are cancelled, businesses are closed, all is under a state of emergency. What at first seems like a normal flu quickly leads to blind rage and cannibalistic behavior. Narrowly escaping contamination, Eva and Sam, a young married couple, are forced to barricade themselves in their high-rise apartment despite the palpable tension between them. Now forced into isolation in their small living space, they struggle with their own frailty in a world that can only offer the worst horrors imaginable.

                                          DYS- Official Trailer #1 from Maude Michaud on Vimeo.





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