Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crowd Funding For “Scavenger” Begins

11A crowd funding campaign has started for Welsh horror “Scavenger” over on Kickstarter. The film is described as Nouveaux-Gothic story that holds place in between the realm of horror and the place of thrillers. “Scavenger” is being directed by Lewis M. Jordan from a script co-written with Jason Smith. Victoria Broom, and Paul Marlon have signed on to play the lead roles in the film.

A brother and sister get caught up in a scavenger hunt that quickly goes from competitive to dangerous.
When recovering alcoholic Conrad White [Paul Marlon] moves into his new home in an effort to rebuild his life as an honest, blue collar carpenter after his relationship ends, he finds himself struggling to stay sober. To help him, his sister, Mary [Victoria Broom] insists on staying with him through his transition period.
To help take his mind off the drink, Mary has a gift for him. An old, engraved, wooden box; for his restoration projects.

As he starts restoring the box, and researching its origins, he discovers that it has an interesting past. When he puts a seemingly innocuous item into the ‘Freya box’; things really start to get interesting.

Our characters soon discover that the Freya box is infact a game; a scavenger hunt. In return for an incredibly addictive but brief experience known as ‘enlightenment’; pitting two players against each other and pushing them to the very limits of their sanity.

As the game progresses, the requests grow increasingly vampiric in nature; the pursuit of which draws the worst side out of our characters.
(Horror Society)

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