Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Review Of “Scavenger Killers”

1Dylan Bank’s “Scavenger Killers” is a 21st century spin on the Bonnie & Clyde construct with a horror/torture porn (I know a lot of people are turned off by the use of that term but I am not one of them) spin. The film stars Robert Bogue, Rachael Robbins, Eric Roberts, Dustin Diamond, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning in what is definitely an all in, psycho-drama, slaughter fest. The plot revolves around a potent judge and a hot criminal defense attorney who go on a maniacal killing rampage. Taylor and Sara are hot for legalese rationality, one another and hunting prey.

“Scavenger Killers” is a creative, modern spin on the serial killer lovers concept, although they are more Mickey & Malory than Bonnie & Clyde but either criminal duo applies with these two characters, Taylor and Sarah. The prose has Kenneth Del Vecchio and Rachael Robbins coming off like the super-hetero-bastard-children, of some twisted love affair between Quentin Tarantino and John Waters. The cast, and it is a recognizable and eclectic one, give pretty convincing -all be it over-the-top performances that really sell this story. I mean considering the subject matter and vision that Bank shoots for in “Scavenger Killers” it is noteworthy that everyone delivers reasonably believable characters. The film is dark, satirical and gory.

The special effects used in “Scavenger Killers” is a standard assemblage off practical (small amount of CGI) effects that is necessary for this sort of film. Trust when I say that this is a visceral, all out, gory film filled with plenty of kill scenes and blood splatter. Considering the budget and the lack of fear to put the effects in your face, it is commendable the amount of care Bank and his team put in to giving us the gruesome. Some of the sequences are obvious and don’t quite reach the “reality” mark, but the quality of the effects in “Scavenger Kills” is equal to that of most blood soaked horror effects of films with a much higher budget. My only turn off was the little bit of CGI that was used for blood splatter and kill effect. Most scenes embraced straight-up, practical effects, and since the CGI was very minimal it doesn’t hurt the film or the kill sequences that featured them.

The soundtrack and sound effects are pretty tight, atmospheric madness that really frame the complete psychotica that unfolds in “Scavenger Kills”. It keeps a high energy excitement that accents the carnage and semi-surreal, semi grindhouse performances. The timing and style offer a bizarre blend of mentally-unstable insanity and emotionally charged melodrama that fit in every scene that sound was key in “Scavenger Kills”. Let’s face it, this film will be seen as either complete garbage or beautiful trash by horror fans. I for one see it as the latter. The film is a schizophrenic tirade of satirical camp, American psychotica and torture porn gorefest.

Overall “Scavenger Kills” creates a wicked, modern spin on the Bonnie & Clyde concept with total homicidal depravity. The style is a Sado-sexually charged, exploitation blend of torture-porn and serial killer celebration which normally is not my favorite subgenre in horror, but the over-exaggerated, insane characters and dark humor make everything fun, and entertaining. “Scavenger Killers” is not like other films in this category. The film will offend some, irritate others but for those special, slightly disturbed few, this film will be pure, unadulterated fun. Which ever column you fit with your reaction to seeing “Scavenger Killers” , the film is definitely an instant cult classic. 

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