Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crowd Funding For Thriller “Throuple”

1Throuple” is a psychological thriller is a dark, character study that focuses on the unraveling of relationships, and the bitter jealousy that can set in and tear people apart. The film originally went into production back in 2007 but just as the film was nearing completion and set to hit the market, one of the film’s stars passed away. The full story surrounding “Throuple”, and the sudden shut down of the LGB&T niche thriller is on the Indiegogo campaign page where the project is currently seeking funding support.

Coming out of a bad relationship, Shane finds it too easy to fall for the outgoing David after a few drinks and a night of tangled sheets. But, realizing his heart leaped too fast, it isn't long before patience is lost and a chance is given to someone new yet again. Now, as lives intersect and the philosophies of love are challenged, the three young men find themselves venturing into an emotional world of confusion, heartbreak, jealousy and more... It is always safe to say that three is a crowd!!!

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