Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Review Of “Nurse 3D”

nurse3d“Nurse 3D” is part noir, part grindhouse and a whole lot of Euro-sexploitation. The film is directed by Douglas Aarniokoski and the influences he brings into his direction on this film is many. “Nurse 3D” is an off-beat thriller that brings sex and fetish into the hospital and the relationships built within the healing halls of medicine. It stars Katrina Bowden, Judd Nelson, Paz de la Huerta (fierce & twisted bitch), Corbin Bleu (super hottie), Michael Eklund, Boris Kodjoe and Niecy Nash among this full character cast.

The story in “Nurse 3D” is filled with revenge and thrills guided by a nurse who moonlights as a twisted serial killer that sees herself as a vigilante. The air and breath in which Huerta moves within as this complicated character is at times a disconnect between her portrayal and the believability of the character. Yet Huerta seems so committed to the character that she manages to draw you into the story. Her infatuation with fellow nurse Danni, played by Bowden is instantaneous so you become thrust into this twisted tangle of love, affection, and destruction right from the get-go. All provided through the viewpoint of nurse Abby Russell. The way “Nurse 3D” flows has that weird, casual anti-heroine feel that “Barbwire” presented. A very Euro feel at times seeming to be influenced by modern giallo and French noir. The actors prove their commitment to the characters but at times the emotional connection flat-lines in the film. There is an overture of camp in the film but more mature and indirect than most films in this same subgenre.

The effects and soundtrack are acceptable for what it is but neither really offer anything new to the horror genre. At times the film moves more on melodrama sounds and cliché set-ups that play up the fetish angle which is strong. The nudity in “Nurse 3D” is ambitious and matter of fact. That alone raises my opinion of the film to a point that I can excuse the other flaws. Male and female nudity are ample and rewarding. I hate that because the film goes for a 3D effect a lot of the kill, blood, death scenes are CGI mixed with practical effects. CGI blood is disappointing. Although there is plenty of organic red flowing in the film some of the chill factor and gore aspects are lost due to visual compromise with 3D tech.

Everything about “Nurse 3D” moves to an odd beat but it shows a fun, comfortable and fully committed direction to entertain and push sexploitation. An aspect of horror that even today seems to be shunned by mainstream cinema. Kudos to the team behind this film for moving forward in sketchy territory. This isn’t a film for every horror fan because the camp is just atmospheric and never direct or the focal point. The fetish enticement is strong and at times presents almost unrealistic situations but even those moments are somewhat entertaining. I enjoyed “Nurse 3D” for the unusual approach the director took, the cinematography is beautiful and the body count is noteworthy. Plus the nudity is a fun visual companion to the hot, character's situational drama. Much like “Barbwire” and even Aarniokoski’s television work, “Nurse 3D” is obvious in what it offers, (in this case it is fetish-sex-death-obsession), with talented, off-beat vision that is creative and entertaining without demanding the audience to be affected by traditional pomp and circumstance. At first I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to get into the film but by the middle of the film I was invested and pleased with “Nurse 3D”. It has a large cult status awaiting it in it’s future.

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