Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For “Altered”

“Altered” is directed by Kely McClung and stars Kely McClung, Rob Pralgo, Stan Harrington, and Amanda Dreschler. The film combines action and horror to create a new perspective on nightmare realities. The film won best screenplay at the Action On Film International Writer’s Competition. The tagline for the film is “"Change Your Perception and You Change the World, but Good Never Fades... and Evil Never Dies...". Based on the trailer it is a story that finds it’s cast battling between what is real and what is not as their minds create nightmarish realities where creatures both horrific and corporeal come after them. But is it all in there heads or have they changed their fate in a fight against evil that will have a very real and fatale outcome? I am intrigued… Check the trailer and see for your self if “Altered” will change your reality.

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