Tuesday, October 23, 2018

First Clip From Vegetarian Vampire Webseries 'Fruit Bat'

First Clip of “Fruit Bat”, Web Series About a Vegetarian Vampire

"Fruit Bat" is an original web series from Javahead Productions, a film production company founded on innovation, creativity, and plenty of caffeine. Its sequel, "Fruit Bat II", followed suit two years later and has gone on to receive a number of accolades, including “Best Web Series” by the Los Angeles Film Awards and “Highest Rated Film of 2018” in the Top Shorts Film Festival, as well as “Best Gore” at the Independent Horror Movie Awards for its art direction in creating a (working) corpse keg. Originally released in October of 2014, the first episode is now being rereleased and will be uploaded later this month.

Eugene is a vegetarian vampire. His brother, Lenny, is anything but. When Eugene finds a prospective friend lost in the wilderness, Lenny takes the opportunity to have a snack.

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