Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Review Of "Don't Fuck In The Woods"

Shawn Burkett's creature campfire nightmare  "Don't Fuck In The Woods" is an indie celebration of modern classic horror. The film stars Brandy Mason, Scott Gillespie, and Brittany Blanton. As a low budget,  indie film fan, "Don't Fuck In The Woods" is one that I have been excited about since it was first mentioned as a project a few years back.

Synopsis: A group of friends head out into the wilderness for some campfire fun. As the gratuitous pleasure begins so does the carnage. The friends are taken out one by one when man versus wild proves deadly.

"Don't Fuck In The Woods" held high expectations for me, a strong attention getting title, fun classic premise, and indie freedom of production begged to be noticed. The film falters somewhat with rough dialog delivery from most of the film's cast, and an almost aimless since of direction. The characters struggled to really come alive. A larger push for cohesion between the cast and story should have been inforced.

The effects and gore where somewhat disappointing. Most of the slaughter happens off screen and what little that does fall on the camera's eye is barely teasing of its gory nature. The sound track and creature design were, however, very pleasing to me. I enjoyed the "Feast" like monster and animalistic cruelty of the thing stalking the woods.

Overall "Don't Fuck In The Woods" does little to excite considering the powerfull impression driven home by the title. I will say that the final girl was commanding and impressive as a strong female lead, the creature and the mysterious nature of it all is cool, and the movie didn't totally suck. There are a few good highlights in "Don't Fuck In The Woods". Don't go into this one expecting anything major. Just kill some time with a low budget creature feature from a cool indie company,  Concept Media.

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