Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crowd Funding Starts For Practical FX Creature Feature "Moggy Creatures"

A crowd funding campaign has began on Indiegogo for practical FX Creature feature "Moggy Creatures". Creature Features, once a mainstay of the film industry and reaching their peak of imagination and execution in the 1980's, have in recent years become known as formulaic movie-by-budget investments and CGI flop-fest disappointments. Moggy Creatures is a hand-crafted film utilizing quality filmmaking techniques, from writing to execution, that serves as an injection of new life to a beloved but relegated genre.

"A couple takes in a stray cat, hoping to rebuild their marriage... only to have it spawn a litter of evil monsters."

Moggy Creatures is not only a creature feature that utilizes practical FX, but a sincere horror film.  

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