Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Indie Adventures Of The Adams Family: Interview With “The Shoot” Director John Adams

The ShootThe Shoot” is a upcoming horror film that deals with a fashion shoot out in the desert that goes horribly wrong when two down on their luck rockers decide to rob the production  crew. The film is directed by John Adams and Toby Poser. “The Shoot” stars John DiMaggio, Keith Allan, Doug Spearman, Toby Poser. Check out this killer interview with John Adams about the film and story idea, not to mention the buzz that “The Shoot” has generated.

A Southern Life: This (The Shoot) is film number 3 for you, I believe?
John Adams: Yes. RUMBLESTRIPS was our first and KNUCKLE JACK was our second.

A Southern Life: Do you feel you become a more proficient and better filmmaker which each film you make?
John Adams: Absolutely. Getting our films out in front of people both with festivals and now with distribution really helped us understand what we’re good at and what we needed to improve. I think it’s just like anything, once you get good at building solid foundations then you can start to add the fancy stuff. With THE SHOOT we’re starting to add some new elements to our stories and it’s really fun.

A Southern Life: Where did the story come from?
John Adams: The story is combination of two events in my life. The first was in the 90’s when I was shooting the Armani campaign in the Moroccan desert. I started wondering how we all would react if someone tried to rob us. Fashion shoots are filled with eccentric characters and watching them survive the desert was something I kept entertaining in my head. The other event was when I was in a rock band I was offered a huge “loan” to produce, record and market our CD so I could bypass the industry. The loan came with a big interest and was offered by a different type “industry”. I didn’t take the loan and often wondered where I would be or in NOT be if I had taken it.

A Southern Life: What’s one thing people don’t realize about making indie movies?
John Adams: That it can be done. That it is extremely fun. Most of all only work with people who agree that it can be done and move quickly past everyone that says it is impossible.

A Southern Life: Many get into this game for different reasons – but the main two seem to be to showcase their skills as a filmmaker or make some money. What about yourself?
John Adams: We got into film-making because we wanted to do something as a family. We all love movies and decided it was something WE could do. By doing this with our kids and involving them in the entire process we get to spend a ton of time with them before they grow up and move on and also get to show them what is most important in life. Don’t just follow your dreams, DO them and never stop until they become reality.

the shoot behind the scene stillA Southern Life: Even the best partnerships are tested at times. Tell me about your working relationship with your wife – are you mostly on the same page when it comes to film making?
John Adams: We have learned by our third film how to disagree. On our first film RUMBLESTRIPS  we had a couple higher volume blowouts but not many. Even so we both know high volume blowouts are not the way to get anything done. Now if we have any major creative disagreements we shoot it both ways and decide in the editing room. Honestly, Toby and I are not big on drama and the kids are also good at guiding us towards reason when we get off balance.

A Southern Life: The Shoot has been getting some good press online over the past month. Is the internet a blessing when it comes to indie films?
John Adams: The internet is a true gift. What can be achieved online is amazing. We never could have done this 20 years ago to such success.

A Southern Life: I’m guessing it’s the main channel of promotion for those without major studio backing?
John Adams: We’re tiny but sometimes tiny is a good thing and I think in our case tiny is what allows us to move quickly, get things done and also sets us part from the big boys and girls so I think it gets people rooting for us!

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