Friday, June 13, 2014

Crowd Funding For “Tales Of Poe” Anthology Finishing Funds

Tales Of PoeTales Of Poe” has kicked off a crowd funding, finishing funds campaign, over on Kickstarter, for the anthology project. Also the official poster for “Tales Of Poe” has been revealed. The film is a feature film anthology based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. TALES OF POE readapts three classic Poe tales: "The Tell Tale Heart," "The Cask of Amontillado," and "Dreams." Produced by Alan Rowe Kelly and Bart Mastronardi.  Alan Rowe Kelly wrote and directed "The Cask." Bart Mastronardi wrote and directed "The Tell Tale Heart," and also directed "Dreams" from a script by Michael Varrati. The anthology boasts a cast of genre greats that includes Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Caroline Williams, Debbie Rochon, Lesleh Donaldson, Randy Jones, Desiree Gould, Brewster McCall, Alan Rowe Kelly, Bette Cassatt and Cartier Williams.  

“Tales Of Poe” has already completed production and wrapped. The finishing funds will go toward boosting the quality of the anthology by insuring top notch music and sound mixing by Tom Burns. The money raised will also go toward festival fees, merchandising, and DVD/Blu-ray treatment. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign page for “Tales Of Poe” to see the kick ass rewards for support. The film will have its WORLD PREMIER SCREENING on  August 20, 2014 at the historic Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, CA. on Hollywood Blvd.

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