Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trailer Released For “Apparition Of Evil”

Apparition of Evil bApparition of Evil” is a paranormal portmanteau following researcher Emilie Price, played by the talented British actress Kate Marie Davies, who stumbles across a collection of disturbing video evidence she has obtained from the sleazy video archivist Alton, played by Keiron Hollett. The three films that Emilie watches are all set in different countries, America, Australia and England, yet they are interlinked somehow and as she watches, Emilie slowly discovers the connections between not only the people in the videos but herself.

Check out the official trailer for this upcoming horror from World Wide Multi Media, directed by Brel Offkel. “Apparition Of Evil” stars Nathan Head, Kate Marie Davies, Suzi Lorraine, Keiron Hollett, Cain Harrip, Melissa Hollett, Dion Cavallaro, Dayna Shuffle, Paul Sutton, and Shannon Curran. The film is already being hailed as “The latest instalment in British terror cinema” and "The Amityville Horror meets [Rec]". Also check out the stills released for the film.






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