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Friday, April 4, 2014

Comedy Gorefest “Fist Of Jesus” Getting Feature Film Adaptation


The shockingly, gory comedy short “Fist Of Jesus” is getting the feature film treatment-well with the help of fans and the crowd funding site Kickstarter. ‘The Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem’ campaign  has 28 days left before this wicked and wild little flick’ time is up. “Fist Of Jesus” comes from The Alkeme Company and considering how well fans took to the short I am sure there will be no chance in Hell this film will not be damning us all on the big screen in full feature awesomeness. The short film rained down with awards during the film’s festival run.


David Muñoz & Adrián Cardona write and direct “Fist Of Jesus” , a film that proves not all Bible stories have to suck-with a little spin of course. “Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem” tells the adventures of Jesus and Judas in a world full of Zombies, Demons, post-apocalyptic Punks, Mutants, Cowboys, the Roman Army, Monsters, Mythological Creatures and Steampunk technology in the 80s style.

After wiping out an entire village whilst trying to raise Lazarus, Jesus decides to go to the Oracle of Delphos for advice. The witches reveal to him that he must go on a perilous journey. He recruits twelve ruthless mercenaries, and sets off, ready to burn his name into the pages of history.

Also in case you haven’t seen the short film “Fist Of Jesus, check it out over on the film’s campaign page. Don’t forget to head over to the “Fist Of Jesus” Facebook page to show some love. I can’t wait to see this shit happen and in my movie collection. Hell it ain’t no more out of step that the story already being told .

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