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Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Review Of Horror Short “Lucky”

Lucky“Lucky” is a modern twist-of-fate horror short from Jakob Bilinski which focuses on a young woman facing a would-be attacker in a library late at night. The film was created as part of an expanded project titled Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience . “Lucky” stars Louisa Torres, Dillon Schueller and was filmed in the Owensboro,. Ky library in 8 hours.

The film has a clever story told in a very simple format with a minimalist style. Two characters, one setting and a twist with a horrifically cool ending. The quality and feel of “Lucky” is pretty quality work, exceeding the standard low budget quality you would expect. The script is a fun, dark tale that could easily be expanded into a much larger film surrounding Torres character. It was entertaining and atmospheric. The twist ending was one I kind of expected but the nature of the twist was not something I expected. Fate sometimes has a sinister, otherworldly heavy hand to strike someone down.

The effects are very minimal with most of the film hanging on story, suspense, and anticipation. With clever elements meant to direct the viewer one way that is both predictable and exciting only to spin it into the much more anticipated but unexpected was executed well. Jakob Bilinski manages to create a film that, from start to finish, holds the audience and even begs for expansion. At least as the final moments ended and the credits rolled I imagined it as just an intro to something bigger.
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