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Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Review Of “Curse Of The Dragon Slayer”

curseofthedragonslayer“Curse Of The Dragon Slayer” is a fantasy adventure film directed by David Lyde and starring Danielle Chuchran (Body of Proof), Richard McWilliams, Paul D. Hunt and James C. Morris in a middle earth/other-realm styled quest. The film follows an unlikely trio as they ban together to defeat an ultimate evil infecting the kingdom. Keltus, a knight of the ruling Order is on the trail of the Shadow Cabal -- a group of Orc cultists. Keltus recruits Neymt, the elf bounty hunter and the infamous Orc raider, Kullimon. Incidentally this film was going by the name “Curse Of The Shadow Cabal”.

The story for “Curse Of The Dragon Slayer” is one that I am not familiar with but the company behind the film is also responsible for games and other movies in this ilk. I say that just to let it be known that fantasy adventure films are not my forte and although I find them entertaining they are not a world or mythos that I contemplate enough to have a personal checks-n-balances to validate what I the film intends. So my review is solely on this film’s value and merit alone. The good thing about “Curse Of The Dragon Slayer” is you don’t really have to be that familiar with this world or they encompassing storyboard to enjoy the movie. The quality of the acting, direction and story arch offer a pretty entertaining fantasy adventure with cool character dynamics that press beyond the cliché that is this genre’s burden. The fact that the story combines unlikely characters as heroes is a plus. At times the burden of cliché does hinder the concept’s  plausibility (If you develop your characters to a set standard then they will hardly band together for a common goal-in my opinion). However that notion didn’t stop me from enjoying this movie and guess what?, I found myself favoring the Orc more than the Elf and Human.

The special effects and creature make-up is pretty quality with an obvious attention to respect for the genre present from the creators. There are elements of CGI within “Curse Of The Dragon Slayer” but the film isn’t co-dependent upon them and there are far more practical effects utilized. The atmosphere and cinematography for this one is pretty stellar with some beautiful scenes framed by awesome scenery and design.  The film took all the things I loved about the Tolkein films and combined it with a classic feel of one of my favorite fantasy films “The Beast Master” in a well crafted and nicely executed story. I found “Curse OF The Dragon Slayer” very entertaining and I think it works for all ages.
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