Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Review Of Black Star Canyon: Episode 1 By Creep Creepersin

black star canyonBlack Star Canyon: Episode 1 by Creep Creepersin begins the foreboding events that unfold just as the body of a young Jane Doe is found brutally murdered not far from a prominent neighborhood nestled in the Black Star Canyon community. The story continues each week in episodes much like a television series. Here it is honored in a thrilling, well written, very descriptive narrative that is mature psychological horror befitting any cable show.

Black Star Canyon is a town shrouded in darkness, fulled by malice and nestled in horrors. Creep Creepersin has set out to create a written thriller drama series as wicked as any television show, and as well written too. The characters are skewed somewhere between quirky offbeat and lethal sociopaths. "Episode 1" sets up a thrilling story with a tense and ominous arch that I am sure will have me on the edge, begging for more episodes. The characters, their questionable nature and the over all shadiness of it all coddled within this town of Black Star Canyon is an American Gothic that is has me engaged in a series that is sure to be entertaining.

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