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A Gratuitous Moment With Sean Kasky

Sean Kasky is one of the many outlandish characters in the twisted and hilarious anthology “Trashology”. The film is a raunchy absurd celebration of Trash Cinema and it’s most holy of icon’s John Waters. It is a fun and witty romp into a world where the mundane can spiral into the extreme, filled with characters that express an exaggerated yet classic caricature of society, exploring an unconstrained and unregulated celebration of social intercourse. The characters portrayed in the anthology take the everyday relationships between people and expand them into a bizarre display of hilariously trashy moments where it is perfectly normal to masturbate in a friends bathroom or find yourself giving in to the suggestions of another which find you naked, on the floor with a hose up your bum while pudding mix is poured into you! Which brings me back to Sean Kasky.

sean kasky
He is a young independent actor that has found himself in many compromising positions when working for Brian Dorton. From giving us all that gratuitous full frontal moment in the short “Doll Parts” as featured in “Theatre Of The Deranged” to dropping trou and spreading cheeks on the floor so chocolate pudding mix can be hosed into your ass canal! Just one of the many many wild and wonderfully crude moments within the anthology “Trashology” that had me bent over laughing. Sean doesn't mind it though, it is all in the name of art and acting. Something that the guy is more than willing to endure for the sake of the role. I asked the actor some tacky, trashy questions about his part in Trashology and he was kind enough to oblige.

ASouthernLife: You have found yourself naked for the camera before, what did you think when you read the script for "Trashology" and Stan's role?
Sean Kasky: My first thought was: Godammit, why is it Brian always casts me naked? No, really…I remember being impressed by this crazy script that Brian had asked me to read for. He’d hired me to work on his films in the past. He and Doug Conner, both of which have always been extremely cool to work for and with. We were shooting a scene once that was a remake of the famous murder of Janet Leigh’s character in the first Psycho but with me, a male, cast in her part. I was meeting Brian and Doug and their posse at the set and I remember Brian taking me aside and saying, “You know, if you are cool with it, there might be some nudity involved.” I said, “I’m cool with it.” And then, Brian says to me, “You know you’re not getting paid, right?” That night I walked around mostly naked or in boxers.

ASouthernLife: What did you think when you read the scene about making the chocolate pie?
Sean Kasky: There was a scene in Doll Parts where, we were at the dailies…Doug and Brian and I. And the nude scene came on. And the film ended and when it was over, I threw a complete tantrum because I thought the nude shot lasted too long. They shortened it for me. It was six seconds long. SIX SECONDS! They are very good at pushing the limits to the level of discomfort. See: Trashology. But they are so great. They totally shortened it for me. What actually made it in the film of me naked is now like 2.35582 seconds long exactly, or so I’m told. I haven’t actually had the chance to time it myself or anything like that. But in answer to your question, I thought the role of Stan was the role I was born to play.

ASouthernLife: When you filmed the pie mixing scene was it totally faked or did you get method with it?
Sean Kasky: Actually, I try to stay in character as much as possible on set. I haven’t had the call for method acting in preparation for any of the parts I've played so far in my career. The fact that Stan does what he does begrudgingly made it very easy for me to have a connection with him. It’s important for me to find some common ground with the character I’m playing, otherwise, the lack of connection is obvious.

ASouthernLife: What was your favorite scene/moment in the movie?
Sean Kasky: Any scene with Beatrice or Melissa. Jenny gave a remarkable performance in that role and I’ve been amused with Doug as Melissa for a while. I think it was the role he was born to play.

ASouthernLife: Have you ever been tempted to make a 'poo' pie for anyone?
Sean Kasky: No, but as we can see in Trashology, there’s apparently a market for that and I’m having my team look into it.

ASouthernLife: Were you a big fan of Trash Cinema before being in "Trashology"?
Sean Kasky: I wasn't as familiar with the genre as I am now. I’m more into dramatic films. Brian’s been promising me a dramatic role for years.

ASouthernLife: If you made a trashy movie about your life what would we see a lot of in the movie?
Sean Kasky: Drug Abuse. Oh! And fornication! And adultery….yeah, adultery but that was way back…what else….let me think…ah! How could I almost forget, rock and roll and drug abuse!

ASouthernLife: What is the trashiest thing you have ever done to someone?
Sean Kasky: I once kicked a girl out of bed for getting vaginal fluids on a set of Ralph Lauren sheets. 650 thread count!

ASouthernLife: What is your favorite John Waters film?
Sean Kasky: Trashology

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