Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Five Essentials For Surviving A Horrorocalypse!

Who hasn't set back and imagined what it would be like to be in a horror movie? The dark child of fantasy has permeated pop culture and media outlets in a strong and lasting way. It is in our TV shows, convention halls and even our detergent commercials. I mean for someone like me who has fed off the horror genre like mother's milk since childhood, this is a wonderful time in entertainment and storytelling. It is also a wealth of information about what not to do in order to survive a horror situation, or as I call it a Horrorocalypse!

A Horrorocalypse could be anything from Vampires rising up and enslaving humanity, zombies swarming our neighborhoods and ripping into our neighbors' flesh. Aliens, deadites, werewolves, the possibilities are endless as to the situations that could see civilization crumble, even ghosts could potentially be plotting a tack over of our realm because they just love the way our fear tastes! You never know, So what will you do to try and survive. It is a thought worth thinking! I have a few suggestions and a short 5 essentials list to help me.  Do you have yours?

The team over at Man Crates poses this very question. What would you want to have in order to survive a horror movie situation? Well obvi a crowbar would have to be on anyone's list because that is the whole hook with what Man Crates does. They offer gifts for men   that come in a crate that can only be opened with a crowbar. Of course Man Crates gifts are year round, but since this is the season when the veil between our world and the supernatural world is at its thinnest, anything is possible. Demons, ghosts, zombies, slashers, any number of beasties could be waiting to burst down your doors, ravage your communities, and even eat the kiddies! So you need to be prepared.

Personally I hope my crate contains my 5 essential items for such a situation as the Horrorocalypse.

1. The apocalypse survival kit:

This little roll bag gives you a variety of cutting, stabbing, slicing and dicing implements for any situation. It even comes with a hatchet. A real must have for any nightmare scenario you might find yourself in.

2. The Vampire hunter kit:
This kit has you covered when confronting fangers. You have your trusty stake, holy water, dried garlic, and a diary so you can chronicle your kills, and other thoughts all on a nice satchel that straps to your side.

3. A crossbow/arrows:
Let's face it, the crossbow is a must! And yeah it is because Daryl Dixon made the damn thing hot! Plus you are gonna have to hunt for your food and bullets may be an issue unless you horded them before the shit hit the fan, and a crossbow just makes sense.

4. A revolver with silver bullets:
Because there is always gonna be werewolves, that is just a fact of life! So a revolver or any gun is essential as long as you have those silver bullets. So my Man Crate must have a gun loaded with silver bullets.

5. Edible Plants Guide For Survival:

You really need one of these for those long periods when game is scarse and all the stores and homes have been scavenged out. You gotta eat and nature offers so much for us out in the wild. You just have to know what is what, and a plant guide will keep you alive!

Also before the Horrorocalypse hits know your shit! Learn the Commandments for surviving a horror film!

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