Monday, August 24, 2015

First Look At Evil In "Insane" Images

Nothing creeps me out, gives me chills, or excites me more than evil clowns! Psycho killers in make-up, demonic clowns from hell, it doesn't matter-hell it could be the frickin' good time clown at a festival, they all pretty much hit all my nerves in some nightmarish and delightful way! These images of this insane evil clown are no exception!

"Insane" is directed by Massimiliano Circhi and stars Vincent Rivera, Chandler Greg Maness, Marcella Rodriguez. The film is due out in 2016 and the first look at the evil the film contains is a good indicator of the wicked shit to come from "Insane". 

What you dont see should scare you; what you cant control should scare you even more. Darkness does not hesistate, darkness takes no sides, but what it does take is your soul. 

Based on a terrifying series of events, INSANE is the story that you dont want to hear at night. A manifestation of evil that consumes all that unleashes it begins to engulf the life of a young couple who just moved into a mansion. Unable to deny the demonic presence any longer, things begin to change and not for the better. Fear becomes an obsession which transcends into a deeper darkness. Do you believe beyond what your eyes can see? You should. 

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