Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Saving Souls At Cutter’s Creek: My Interview With Axeman 2’s Farrah Abraham

FAShe has solidified herself in today’s pop culture based solely on MTV’s successful reality series ‘Teen Mom’, but Farrah Abraham isn’t content with just being known as a reality star. She has since moved on to legitimize her career as an actress/thespian, showing that despite how people may want to frame this young woman as novelty, Farrah has range and a desire to become more. I never watched ‘Teen Mom’ but thanks to a boyfriend addicted to reality television I am slightly up on Farrah’s role on the MTV series. It is her transition into the Film world that most interests me. Especially given that she is cast in one of my new fave slasher franchises- “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek Trilogy”

Farrah Abraham plays Fannie Rae Baker in “Axeman 2: Overkill”. This is her first feature film role, and I am instantly sold on her as an actress because she has chosen to let horror be her start into the industry. It has worked many times over for young ingénues looking to break into Hollywood. Although Farrah Abraham has already broke into that world. Let’s face it, love them or leave them, Reality TV has kind of kept Hollywood from dying a painfully, expensive death-especially on the small screen. Thank the gods for indie film, it just keeps beating and growing. But all that is really another article all together.

Farrah Abraham was kind enough to answer some questions for me about her role in “Axeman 2” , her transition from reality TV to film, and horror in general. Based on the responses I think choosing a horror film for her first feature is sort of a cathartic experience for the young actress. Honestly I think she is perfect for becoming a scream queen, I think it is a genre that her fan base will easily embrace. Farrah Abraham is still very much on Reality TV these days but like I said I don’t watch those, so I am super excited to see her performance in “Axeman 2”, as well as her budding career in feature film.

Here is my interview with Farrah Abraham who plays Fannie Rae Baker in “Axeman 2: Overkill”:

A Southern Life: You play Fannie Rae Baker in Axeman 2, tell me a little about your character ?
Farrah Abraham: Fannie Ray Baker  is a seemingly well-intended, conservative Evangelical do-gooder hiking through Cutter’s Creek with her husband Jim-Ed and long-time friend Irma Jean Manly to join her congregation at the Crimson Cross’ Christian Couples Camp for a good, wholesome fun. But along the way, we learn this trio’s true intent to murder Irma Jean’s husband David because he’s “leading souls away from God” through his psychiatric practice.

A Southern Life: Does she have what it takes to be the final girl?
Farrah Abraham: Yes Fannie Rae Baker can take care of her own by shutting the door on fear.

A Southern Life: What first drew you to the character?
Farrah Abraham: The diversity in Fanny Rae Baker given she's a bible hugger in a horror movie, and a married women was a role that I felt would be an epic fit. Adding my hillbilly up bringing Fanny Rae was very relatable .

FA2A Southern Life: Since leaving reality television how has the transition been moving into film?
Farrah Abraham: The transition into feature film feels like I belong , I enjoy being selfless and humbled by bringing a story to life - the experience of magic .

A Southern Life: Axemann 2 will be your first feature film, how has the process been preparing for the role?
Farrah Abraham: Preparing for Fanny Rae Baker  , I enjoyed every part of rehearsing and doing research on character development  which to me was most important & YouTube was a big help not going to lie.

A Southern Life: Have you always been a horror fan? What are some of your favorite horror films?
Farrah Abraham: I'm scared of horror movies and always have had nightmares and paranoid for weeks if I watch something scary , chucky and Saw are my most memorable and favorite horror movies .

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