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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crowd Funding Starts For “Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire” Season Two

HickyTake the fangs and supernatural of ‘True Blood’ and blend it with all that is stereotyped in a Discovery Channel Marathon of Appalachian reality TV and you have one of the funniest, tackiest, indie web series on Youtube-‘Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire’.  The series is filmed right down the road from me in a little miracle town called Vicco, KY. Miracle because it is one of the few places in American that has issued laws to give full equality to its LGBT community, plus home to what I think is the first mayor to agree to be paid in bitcoins-not sure if the vote went in favor for that one ….

Anyway, Season one of ‘Hicky’ is bleeding fans right now on Youtube and the indiegogo campaign has just started for season two. The series is written and directed by Zack Hall, and Charles Shouse. It stars Jeremy Lindon, Zack Hall, Kirstin Vanhooser, Nate Merritt, Henry Dowell, and Michael S. Shouse. Check out the season two pitch video below.

“Hicky The Hillbilly Vampire” is a show about a Hillbilly Vampire. The show is based in eastern Kentucky and follows a vampire named, Vernon Ray Hicks and his best friend Zed as they encounter many supernatural events and crazy characters.

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