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Living In A World Of Danger: My Interview With “Axeman 2” Actor Christopher Crabb

Christopher Crabb began acting at a young age landing a role on Disney’s hit series “Danger Bay” at age 15. He recently did a classic reunion segment for Entertainment Tonight as buzz gained at the mention of a reboot series to the show titled “The New Danger Bay”. After the six year run of the series Crabb went on to guest star in various vehicles such as “Life Goes On” and “The Pretender”. He later left acting behind to pursue another of his passions, Tennis. Christopher Crabb is a professional tennis player who also teaches some of Hollywood’s elite the game. However it is Christopher’s role in Joston Theney’s “Axeman 2: Overkill” that has the actor on my radar.

Christopher Crabb
“Axeman 2: Overkill” is the second installment to Theney’s slasher trilogy “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek”. In the film Christopher Crabb plays ‘Vincent’. This Crabb’s return to horror, most horror fans who grew up on 80’s VHS macabre will recognize the name from 1980’s “Funeral Home”. I recently had the opportunity to ask Christopher Crabb a few questions about his character in “Axeman 2”. Read what he has to say about the role of ‘Vincent’ and his return to horror.

Here is my interview with character actor “Christopher Crabb:

A Southern Life: Tell me a little about your character, Vincent?
Christopher Crabb: Vincent is a complex man, he lives in a world of violence and danger. He is a brilliant bank robber and killer yet he is a gay man and incredibly sensitive.

A Southern Life: You mentioned that Vincent is a gay character in Axeman 2. Is this your first time playing a gay character on screen?
Christopher Crabb: Yes, it is my first time playing a gay man on film.

A Southern Life: Vincent is a bank robber and noted killer, that requires some very toughness, something not always portrayed in gay characters. How was it getting into the mindset of Vincent?
Christopher Crabb: Getting into Vincent's mind set was definitely interesting. My mother was a Broadway dancer so I grew up around many gay men which facilitated my understanding of that part of Vincent's character.  Also I was a tennis pro, and a Pro's mindset is "kill or be killed" so I got to tap & marry those experiences.

A Southern Life: How important was it to make sure he didn’t come across as a caricature or stereotype?
Christopher Crabb: My hope is that with any role I play is that the character is real and authentic. 

A Southern Life: What do you relate to most about the character, and what do you relate to least?
Christopher Crabb: [Relate to most]Ironically his caring & sensitive side. [Relate to least]Vincent and I have different sexual preferences.
CC shirtless

A Southern Life:How does Vincent stack up next to the Axeman, does he have that "final guy" quality?
Christopher Crabb: Vincent uses his brains and guns. The Axeman uses brawn and axes. If Vincent can manage to keep his distance he has a fighting chance.

A Southern Life: What is your favorite horror film, who is your favorite director, and final girl/guy of the past?
Christopher Crabb: My favorite horror film director is Hitchcock and I love Psycho. My favorite final guy/girl of the past would be Norman Bates and Norman Bates.

A Southern Life: Your last feature film role was Teddy in "Funeral Home" before moving into television. How has it been transitioning back into film? Is it any different now from when you first started out?
Christopher Crabb: Not that different, in Funeral Home I had to piss my pants which was an embarrassing experience.
In Axeman 2, the way I die was also very embarrassing ( you will have to see the film to find out why).

A Southern Life: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?
Christopher Crabb: I come from a family of performers and actors. I did my first commercial at age 8. I realized I wanted to truly become and actor during the filming of American Christmas Carol at age 9. I had the great fortune to play Tiny Tim.

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