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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Review Of “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell”

house-of-horrors-gates-of-hell_large_800“House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” is an exercise in Scare. The film is from the company behind the notoriously thrilling horror attraction compound House Of Horrors. Directed by Daniel Monroe and stars Doug Bruch, Tim Bunch, Gary Dellaneve, Kyle Garrison, Sandra Grover, Michael O'Hear and Brenda Rickert. The story has the very grounds and props at the House Of Horrors take on supernatural aspects as demons flow into the haunted attraction when one of the guys opens the gates of hell.

It makes perfect sense that these guys running this attraction would make movies! They have the skill, the staff, the killer backgrounds and location and, thanks to CGI, the tools to create. “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” has a cool, complex story with plenty of drama and suspense. The comic relief takes away a lot of the scare factor but let’s face it-the story is as sensational as the surroundings. The guys up in this New York haunted location have created a Fun House Of Hell that looks amazing with some awesome props and concepts.

The acting and direction are both a bit above low budget armature ability. The acting does suffer somewhat as it becomes obvious most of the cast are just trying not to forget their lines. Some of the cast members give natural, noteworthy performances. The line delivery and creation of a paranormal story that all give in “Gates Of Hell” is very present, and gives us Monroe’s intended nightmare. The directing is proper! It is a classic design for setting up straight forward scenes that aren’t cramped with a bunch of camera trick-artsy styled-flavor of the moment concepts. The film is given to us in traditional, clean shot horror style that moves seamlessly even if the acting and effects aren’t stellar in a lot of the scenes.

Now about the special effects, “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” does rely a bit too much on that nasty companion of modern film-making, CGI. In some of the scenes the lower scale computer effects are acceptable. Mostly the supernatural or paranormal elements. However the CGI blood, decaps and such is really a tacky approach considering the obvious talent attached to the project. If you can let that be okay-and with this film I think most people can-then “House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” is a fun, horror story that is meant to entertain and showcase the real star-the House Of Horrors haunted attraction. Check this one out it is a nice indie horror comedy with some awesome location and background shots.
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