Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Image Released For “Axeman II: Overkill”

I have been out of commission for a while, so I know this news is a few days old but was excited to see this in email today. A second image has been released for Joston Theney’s sequel “Axeman II: Overkill”.

axemanII still2

This still features WWE's Bryan Clark as the titular character and Alisha Seaton as Maureen, the backwoods tour guide who begrudgingly finds herself in a town she knows all too well.  Familar with the town's legend and the secrets it's trying to keep hidden, Maureen is not surprised by what she finds lurking in Cutter's Creek.  When asked why he'd release a still so soon that shows more of a character's fate than he's accustomed to, the film's writer and director Joston "El Rey" Theney replied, "I assure you, Maureen is a bit more resourceful than she seems.  You don't survive the town of Cutter's Creek and it's secrets without being a part of them."  He further elaborated, "The Axeman is not some mindless beast, killing just for the fun of it.  This town destroyed him and his life and he's exacting a gleeful, gory revenge.  Everything that's happening - they deserve it.  But he's not the only bad guy in town."

#SinningWorks in association with Blood Red Films, the production companies behind AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL, the next installment in 80’s throwback slasher franchise, have released the 2nd official film still for the sequel that promises to deliver in a new chapter in the Axeman At Cutter’s Creek saga with the goal of making it darker, grittier and bloodier than the original.

The cast includes an all new actor (WWE's Bryan Clark) in the iconic villain role of Bill “The Axeman” Talbert, as well as rising stars of film/tv including ("Teen Mom") Farrah Abraham, ("Baywatch") Angelica Bridges, ("Big Brother") Rachel Reilly, (THE FOURTH KIND) Alisha Seaton, Monique Parent, Michael Foster and many more!  The gory new installment is written and directed by Joston “El Rey” Theney.

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