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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Review Of “Le Fear II: Le Sequel”

Le Fear IIJason Croot’s “Le Fear II: Le Sequel” picks up the same story as the first mockumentary-“Le Fear”. Only this time film director Carlos has a bigger budget and more at stake. The film stars Andrew Tiernan, Aiko Horiuchi, Ian Cullen, Denise Moreno, Scherrikar Bell, Roxy Sternberg and Victoria Hopkins. The plot has the sequel dealing with more outside influence from investors, crazy crew members, and a myriad of problems that once more prove Croot’s ability to make the viewer laugh.

“Le Fear 2” is funnier, smarter, and more entertaining than the first “Le Fear”. Croot has taken the things that worked in 2010 and amplified the absurdity and insanity to new levels of hilarity. The energy is strong, the cast are on point, and the story is pure craziness. There is the same ability to create genuine chemistry between the cast that is necessary to make mockumentaries work. And work it does, I laughed harder at “Le Fear 2” than I did with “Le Fear”.

Overall “Le Fear 2” is a better film than the first one. There are moments when I felt an anti-Nigerian/Afrikaans subtext in the story, but that is argumentative.  For the most part so much about “Le Sequel” works so well all you can do is sit back and enjoy as the insanity begins. The steady, casual nature of the film’s tone allows for easy viewing, with a simple story, and real hilarious writing. Jason Croot is obviously a true talent when it comes to comedy writing. I really recommend “Le Fear 2” for all fans of Brit comedy/mockumentary films-actually not just Brit but on a globel level, the “Le Fear” films and Jason Croot’s comedy are both brilliant.
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