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Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Image From “Axeman 2: Overkill” Released

Axeman2Independent Production Companies Blood Red Films in association with #Sinning Works Releases The First Official Production Still Of Feature Film, ‘AXEMAN II: OVERKILL’.

‘AXEMAN II: OVERKILL’, an ‘80’s style slasher reboot/sequel about a band of crazed evangelicals, a gang of bank robbers and a town chocked full of vigilantes descending upon Cutter's Creek - and when they do, there's only one local legend that can separate them. And dismember them!
Blood Red Films and #Sinning Works today released the first official production still. It features the new face of the Axeman franchise, Bryan Clark aka "Wrath" from WCW / "Adam Bomb" from WWE.

"The film needed a new face, a new look, someone that could strike fear into the audience with one glare and that was what we found in Bryan Clark," stated AXEMAN II: OVERKILL writer/director Joston Theney. "This Axeman brings the pain! Audiences are definitely in for a surprise if they are expecting the Axeman from the original. The body count is insane and so are the kills. As the new tagline for the new film states - Fu^k The Original."

‘AXEMAN II: OVERKILL’ stars Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom"), Rachel Reilly ("Big Brother"), Angelica Bridges ("Baywatch"), Bryan Clark (WWE & WCW) and Arielle Brachfeld (THE HAUNTING AT WHALEY HOUSE). Rounding out the cast are Kailena Mai, Whitney Nielsen, Monique Parent, Michael Foster, Jason Bonnell, Jacqui Holland, Edward Gusts, Arielle Hader, Allen Merritt, Jacqui Holland, Hannah Landberg, Peter Stickles, Michael Sandy, Phil Foster, Linda Wong, Joseph Floccari, Spoon Alexander, Alisha Seaton, Craig Partamian, Maria Olsen, Christopher Crabb, Rick Williamson and Glenn Ratcliffe.

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