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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Festival Of Luna

lunaAugust 24th is the New Moon( note: the official New Moon is Aug. 25th), it is also one of the Festivals of Luna (the moon goddess) celebrated by the ancient Romans and today’s Pagans. Early people around the world associate the moon the goddess. Luna is associated with witches with moon magic, transformations, the psychic and all things feminine.  She represents growing awareness, the fulfillment of love, and the mystery of enchantment. (Read more here).

The New Moon phase takes place while the sun’s light is not reflected from the moon’s surface. This monthly event appears to make the moon temporarily disappear hence the phrase, “the dark of the moon”. This period of the lunar cycle has long been used for spell-craft as it is thought to be the optimum time for initiating spells. The new moon is also the preferred or a “ripe time” to plant seeds–of any kind, be they in the ground or in friendship, love or business.

In many magical traditions, this is considered a fallow time, in which one rests and rejuvenates before beginning more intense magical workings again. In other traditions, it's a time to do magic related to wish fulfillment. Some examples might include:
  • Cleansing and purifying of the body and mind
  • Rituals that designate sacred space
  • Any magic related to inner harmony and peace
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