Monday, August 18, 2014

My Review Of Horror Short "Succubus"

A more detailed review for horror short "Succubus". I reviewed the short as part of the horror anthology "Sinister Visions". Read that review at this link: 

"Succubus" is a wicked story of a demonic possession which puts a young woman in the driving seat of fiendish desires. She is driven by the evil force to kill and consume whatever man is near. The story is not all that original, nor is this short film all that interesting.

For the most part it was kind of boring and offered no scares or chills. I will give props to the creature design. At full on view it seems a bit theatrical but the detail and attention to showing a full demon effect in the short was professional and creative. I would have loved to see more gore or actual emoted response from the characters in "Succubus".

Overall "Succubus" creates a surreal,nihilistic situation for the main character, with a well developed succubus as the antagonist. I guess as a complete short film I am 50/50. The visceral aspects could have been stronger, and the story could have been a bit more original. Especially with such attention paid to the creature effects.

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