Monday, April 21, 2014

News Update For Indie Horror “Lucifer’s Angels” Plus Stills & Poster

LALucifer’s Angels” is an indie horror from ATK Films directed by Rick McDonald. I just received a news update on the film along with a couple of movie stills from Craig Surko, a member of the film’s production team. “Lucifer’s Angels” stars Theodore Bouloukos, Mikey McDonald, Ricky McDonald, Kayla Deguzman, Brian McDonald and Jason Michel.

"Lucifer's Angels" is a smart, refreshing horror film that pays homage to classic horror. A twisted film with a smart and intriguing plot. A group of friends go on their first camping trip together in the Catskill Mountains. Also, a ghost hunter from New York City and his fiance, travel to the same mountains hoping to research and record any paranormal phenomenon. All of them unknowingly entering into a world of evil. Meanwhile, a father and son who live in the eerie woods are forced to make life or death decisions. The story progresses as some of the friends start mysteriously disappearing, and wind up tortured and murdered in horrifying ways.

Here is what the updated news said about the film’s production and experiences:

1“The film was made on a very micro budget basically out of whatever we had in our pockets between 4 principal crew members whom are all family and 4 friends. And we believe we were able to create something very good! We all wore multiple hats, most actors played 2 roles, while being PA's....when someone was done shooting their take, they would jump in to hold the boom pole, or help move a light, etc... I just want people to know how much heart and soul was put into the production, and without everyone's dedication this film would never have been made.”

The update went on to say,“… the post production team has basically consisted of myself, although I’ve also had a friend come by to assist and be my "second eye" but that's about it. I’ve been, editing, recording foley (and ADR), sound editing, color correcting, and doing visual FX myself.”

“We originally wrote the script in 2009, shot some scenes in 2009 and the majority in 2010. We looked at what we had and were unsatisfied. We went back and rewrote 80% of the script, and scrapped all footage.We began reshooting summer 2011, and finished principal photography June 2012. All of this was completed, with everyone working full time jobs, so we'd shoot mostly on weekends here and there.”


 “Throughout the post production process I have met some wonderful talent and collaborators through the use of social media. We found our composer, audio engineer and mixer, original bands who want to donate music; all through social media sites. All of these new members of the production have never met, nor have I met them in person. However, we have been able to utilize the power of new technologies, such as Facetime, in order to set up spotting sessions, meetings, and interviews.”

“We also just recently recorded a 15 year old girl with a brilliant voice to provide some vocals on a piece our composer wrote. Although the composer (John DelVento) wasn't there in person, he was able to direct our singer (Emilee) through a FaceTime session. Great stuff.”

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