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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not All Pregnancy Fears Revolve Around The AntiChrist...

...Unless of course fucking the AntiChrist may cause extreme emotional chaos that makes you think you are having spider-monster offspring... Ah but back to the real story about this cool new indie project.

UteroHow about a good pregnancy horror that doesn’t revolve around the coming AntiChrist, yeah it is possible as evident with upcoming nightmare flick “Utero”. The film is currently in production for Bryan Coyne’s Independent company Coinopflix. Coyne is writter and director of this horror film starring Jessica Cameron and Peter Stickles.

“Utero” follows an agoraphobic, unwed mother who finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human. Filming began this week in Los Angeles for the film that Coyne is quoted as being the film that he has been dreaming of of making for some time.

“It is a bare, raw, disgusting but ultimately touching story that I can’t wait to tell. I'm honored and humbled to be making this film with my demonic partners in crime, producer Rich Marincic and new partners of Truth or Dare fame Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins. I couldn't be more amped bringing this evil baby to term.” Says Bryan Coyne of the project.

Coyne has directed the baseball documentary Harvard Park (which is available now on Netflix), as well as the hotly anticipated horror movie Incarnate that will make its theatrical debut in the fall.

Jessica Cameron stated, “Utero is the most cerebral script I have ever read and I cannot wait to bring it to life! It is such an intense case study on these endlessly fascinating characters. Horror fans are going to love it!”

Also check out the creepy dark behind the scene shot posted to the film’s Facebook page today along with the first poster promoting the very interesting project that is a refreshing change from in utero nightmares about Man’s sin or zemon babies. This is one to definitely check out and is on my must watch list for upcoming horror.

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