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Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Review Of “Lord Of Tears”

LordOfTearsLawrie Brewster's "Lord Of Tears" is an operatic thriller that follows the conflicts of a man's heritage against a systemic psyche. Which is to say that the title character if fighting with his past and in order to survive who he is in the present. The cool thing about this film is the fact that there is a haunting foreboding that brings an ominous atmosphere to the story. The film presents itself as a chilling supernatural nightmare. "Lord Of Tears" stars David Schofield, Alexandra Hulme, Euan Douglas, Jamie Scott Gordon and is filmed in the beautiful Ardgour, Highland region of Scotland. Truly one of the most visually stunning locations on the planet. The towering monuments of nature that are the hills in the Highlands against the stunning godsky is truly spectacular. 

"Lord Of Tears" tells a very chilling tale of mythic horror, pagan superstition and human conflict in a dark, surrealistic nightmare that is both captivating and practically romantic in its Gothic presentation. The story is intense and creepy while allowing for an artful, emotive character driven opera between the two main players, James Findlay and Eve Turner. 

Effectively, "Lord Of Tears" offers more expressionist, artfilm style than was really necessary but it only adds to the visual Gothic nature of the film, against the almost romantic flow of the dialog, than it does to detract. I found the film very hypnotic as the scenes moved from one moment to the next. "Lord Of Tears" is much more than the simple labels of "Gothic" and "Horror" can justify. It has an exuberant  grandeur in both it's visual and expressive storytelling.

Now for the cons of this film, they are limited and do not prevent the film from its chilling intentions, but they do merit mentioning. The flashes of surrealism, artistic shots between the character driven elements in "Lord Of Tears" at moments can be distracting at moments when more film plot would have really solidified the overall story. Some of the moments with the engaging dialog  between the two main characters comes off as more theatrical than ideal to be convincing. Lastly, some scenes of the interior, more dialog reliant moments in the film are visually less appealing compared to most of the stunning production value in “Lord Of Tears”. That is it, I had no more issue with this film because, for the most part, "Lord Of Tears" is a truly well executed Gothic story filled with tons of visual and aesthetic character, the the film is more than your average, chilling, Independent thriller.

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