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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Release Date Set For “The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story”

The Last LightCheck out the trailer for supernatural horror film “The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story”. The film has been issued a release date of November 5th 2013 on DVD. It is directed by George Clarke and stars Robert Render, Jo L. Crawford, Vivian Jamison. “The Last Light…” has recently been described as “…the scariest movie since "Blair Witch””.

Local handyman Rob Walker (Render) is hired to brick up and block all entrances and windows of a secluded and abandoned mansion along the Irish coast. However as Rob makes his inspections, he begins to the feel he’s not alone. Is it local kids playing a practical joke? Or a sinister force that does not wish to be disturbed?

The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story is the violently haunting tale of a (real) Ulster mansion, donated as a war hospital in the early 1900’s before turning into a retirement home for the old and wealthy. Even as a listed building, the house was left to waste and soon became a playground for kids, who destroyed the original features of the facility, upsetting not just the local people and historians but something deep within the walls. Don’t be afraid of the dark… Be afraid of what is in the dark.

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