Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Review Of “Legend Of The Goatman: Monsters, Cryptids And Ghosts”

legend of the goatman“Legend Of The Goatman: Monsters, Cryptids And Ghosts” is a very interesting documentary. The collection of exploratory/testimonial segments within this series deals with a fascinating cryptid called the Goatman as well as a place known as the Great Dismal Swamp. There are also typical stories of ghosts, paranormal encounters-as to be expected in a documentary such as this one but the stories are of lesser known cases in the paranormal world. The synopsis mostly focuses on the Legend Of The Goatman but several more stories within the documentary are just as interesting with some creepy visual imagery. Here is the full synopsis I found with the trailer for the documentary:

Residents of Maryland claim a half man, half goat creature haunts the forest in Prince George County causing the disappearance of family pets and some unlucky humans. Hikers and hunters have long reported encounters with a massive hairy creature in the Canadian Rockies. Scientists now admit it's possible that unknown species are still lurking undiscovered in the rural parts of North America. In one amazing encounter, a prospector was kidnapped and held prisoner in a cave for six days by a family of these mysterious creatures. In Virginia, a giant swamp covering two states is reportedly filled with these mysterious beings as well as ghosts and spirits of the dead. Experts reveal that the earth is littered with vortexes, places where magnetic lay lines converge and the accepted rules governing time and space no longer apply as spirits move freely from one dimension to another and strange creatures mysteriously appear and disappear at will.

Now for my thoughts on “Legend Of The Goatman: Monsters, Cryptids And Ghosts”. This collection of events and testimonials was very interesting and a familiar, appealing format that gave both the testimonial witness aspects as well as some cool and creepy re-enactment moments. At times though, I did feel that certain snippets were fabricated with bad actors doing some really bad acting. At one point I thought this was going to be some sneaky fake-umentary thing that was really a horror movie but it is a documentary and for a lot of the film the witnesses, experts and events seem legit. If you watch it you will understand what I mean by that statement. All-in-all “Legend Of The Goatman” was an entertaining and interesting documentary that explores some very creepy, cool places and urban legends. I enjoyed this one a bit more than most documentaries I have seen lately. The bad actor shtick (or badly coached witnesses-take your pick) is a bit annoying but it doesn’t hinder the over all appeal of this documentary.

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